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Travel to Krakow

Air travel to Krakow

Airports within short distance to Krakow center

Major Polish hub: Warsaw Chopin Airport

Other important nearby airports are Budapest and Vienna. At farther distances are Copenhagen, Malmö, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Zurich. All these airports have direct flights to Krakow


Direct flights from USA to Poland:

  • Kraków: Chicago, New York (LOT Polish),
  • Rzeszów (180 km away): New York (LOT Polish)
  • Warsaw (330 km): Chicago, New York, Newark, Los Angeles (all LOT Polish)

Air travel time from North America to Krakow with a change of plane in Warsaw (total travel time):

Los Angeles to Krakow with a change of plane in Warsaw: 13h 35min

Toronto to Krakow with a change of plane in Warsaw: 10h 10min




Krakow Airport - main direct flight connections

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Warsaw Airport - main direct flight connections

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Direct flights from Canada to Poland:

  • Warsaw (330 km): Toronto (LOT Polish)

Direct flights from the Gulf Region to Poland:

  • Krakow: Dubai (Fly Dubai)
  • Katowice: Dubai (Fly Dubai)
  • Warsaw: Dubai (Emirates) and Doha (Qatar Airways)


Ones of the fastest connections from East Asia to Krakow (total travel time)

  • Tokyo to Warsaw and continuing on to Krakow with domestic service: 14h 20min
  • Beijing to Warsaw and continuing on to Krakow with domestic service: 11h 30min
  • Seoul to Warsaw and continuing on to Krakow with domestic service: 14h 40min
  • Singapore to Warsaw and continuing on to Krakow with domestic service: 14h 20min


Flights map

  • Krakow airport,c70/flight-information,c71/regular-flights-map,a180.html

  • Katowice airport


To/from airports

Transfer from Krakow airport: by train, bus, taxi,c70/transport,c313/

Transfer from Katowice airport: the distance is 110 km provided by shuttle services:


The city of Krakow is located in southern Poland, almost 300 km south from Warsaw.
Several airlines operate direct flights (some daily) from major European airports to John Paul II International Airport in Krakow.

Participants can also choose to fly to Warsaw Chopin Airport located 300km from Kraków and then take a train from Warsaw airport to Kraków (ca 2,5 hours journey starting from the Warsaw Zachodnia or Central station).

Kraków Airport is situated approx 11 km west of Kraków’s centre and it has regular flight connections to numerous European destinations, as well as oversee. Once you arrive at Krakow Airport, you can easily reach the city centre by:


  • It takes approx 17 minutes to reach Kraków Main Train Station. Trains operate 7 days a week, Train operates every 25-40 minutes. The last train departures the airport at 0:20 on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Please check the current timetable here.
  • The adult fare (‘normal’) is approx 9.00 zloty (approx 2.00 euro).
  • Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines (passenger terminal, train station) or from a train conductor once aboard.


  • Public buses stop near the passenger terminal.
  • Bus line 208 connects the Airport with the city centre (it stops right next to the Main Train Station).
  • Bus line 252 connects the Airport with the Session Venue (ICE Congress Centre).
  • Night bus line 902 operates between 11pm and 4am and it stops in the city centre next to the Main Train Station.
  • Single adult ticket is approx 4.00 zloty (1.00 euro).

By Train

The biggest railway station in Kraków is the Main Train Station (Dworzec Główny). It is situated close to the Old Town. Kraków has direct railway connections with Poland’s largest cities as well as with Berlin, Budapest, Grodno, Lviv, Prague and Vienna.
There are fast train connections with Warsaw (the capital city) every 1 – 2 hours. The trains are modern, comfortable and the journey takes just over 2 hours. The connections are operated by PKP Intercity (Poland’s largest rail operator). Tickets can be bought online. The prices vary from 60.00 to 150.00 zloty. Check the timetable and find connection.

By Bus

The biggest bus station is situated at Bosacka Street, next to the Main Train Station. Popular international connections to/from Kraków are: Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Vienna.

Kraków Bus Station site:
The international bus connections search: international bus connections

By Car

The easiest way to reach Kraków by car is along the A4 motorway bypassing the city from south.
The motorway toll rate varies depending on the size of the vehicle and the section of the route (car fare: around 10.00 – 20.00 PLN or 5.00 euro per toll/distance travelled).
Please bear in mind that there are limited public parking for cars in Krakow and there parking meters in the central zone. Likely it is hard to park the car once you get there. Typically hotels have own parking facilities.


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