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Convened Sessions

No.Name of convened sessionProposers
CS1 Unconventional Techniques and Applications for Inverse Scattering Problems Rosa Scapaticci Martina Teresa Bevacqua
CS2 MMWave for Mobile Applications Michael A. Jensen Janet O’Neil
CS3 Generalized MoM-based Eigenvalue Problems for Antennas and Scattering Mats Gustafsson Kurt Schab
CS4 Effective Analysis and Processing of Antenna Measurement Data to Reduce Measurement Uncertainty cancelled
CS5 Propagation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Uwe-Carsten Fiebig Fernando Perez-Fontan
CS6 AMTA session: Satellite and Aerospace Antenna Measurements Luca Salghetti Drioli Christian Hunscher
CS7 IET / COST session CA15104 (IRACON): Propagation Measurements and Modelling for 5G and Beyond Sana Salous Enrico Maria Vitucci
CS8 Recent Research on the Coexistence of Wind Turbines and Radar Systems Frank Weinmann Oleg Krasnov
CS9 Antennas for Aperture Array Radio Telescopes David Prinsloo Eloy de Lera Acedo
CS10 Microwave Techniques, Modelling, Systems, and Antennas for Snowpack Monitoring and Snow-related Applications Marco Pasian Achim Heilig
CS11 GNSS Antennas and Antenna Systems Loïc Bernard Michel Clenet
CS12 Reflectarray and Transmitarray Antennas for Emerging Applications Paola Pirinoli Angelo Freni
CS13 Antennas on IoT Applications Fabien Ferrero Yue Gao
CS14 Periodic Structures with Higher Symmetries Zvonimir Sipus Elena Pucci
CS15 AMTA session: UAV-based Antenna Measurements Giuseppe Virone Torsten Fritzel
CS16 Electromagnetic Methods for Direct and Inverse Scattering Involving Stratified Media Giuseppe Schettini Matteo Pastorino
CS17 Ground Terminal Needs and Technologies for Broadband Satellite Communications Nelson Fonseca Jarek Kmieciak
CS18 AMTA session: Post Processing Techniques in Antenna Measurements Francesco Saccardi Jeffrey R. Guerrieri
CS19 COST session CA15104 (IRACON): Measurements and Simulations in Channel Modelling in Wireless Body Aera Network Krzysztof K. Cwalina Luis M. Correia
CS20 ISAP session: Recent Advances in Asian Antennas and Propagation Research Jiro Hirokawa Ronan Sauleau
CS21 IET / AMTA session: Trends and Measurement Challenges for 5G and Beyond Tian Hong Loh Janet O’Neil
CS22 Reconfigurable Antennas for Compact Devices Leonardo Lizzi J. Constantine
CS23 Antenna Needs and Solutions for Future Space Missions Mauro Ettorre Hervé Legay
CS24 Antenna Arrays for 5G and Beyond Y. Jay Guo Richard Ziolkowski
CS25 Electromagnetics in a Quantum World Liberal Inigo Richard Ziolkowski
Cs26 Microwave Sensors for Biomedical Applications Augustine Robin Paul Meaney
CS27 COST session CA17115 (MyWAVE): Advancements in Electromagnetic Hyperthermic Technologies and Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Tissues Farrugia Lourdes Emily Porter
CS28 Channel Modelling in Railway Environments for 5G Applications Juan Moreno García-Loygorri Cesar Briso
CS29 Small Antenna Designing Methods and Measurement Katarzyna Jagodzińska Ala Sharaiha
CS30 Diagnosing and Treating with Microwaves - New Findings Covering Tissue Dielectric Properties, Medical Imaging and Patient Studies Raquel Cruz Conceição Angie Fasoula
CS31 IET session: New Antenna Systems involving Application of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces Lee Ford Hisamatsu Nakano
CS32 Transformation Optics for Antenna Design Vincenzo Galdi Oscar Quevedo-Teruel
CS33 Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation session (EMERALD): ElectroMagnetic Imaging for a Novel Generation of Medical Devices Kosmas Panagiotis Lorenzo Crocco
CS34 Fundamental Challenges and Novel Methodologies in the Next Generation Computational Electromagnetics Francesca Vipiana Zhen Peng
CS35 Assessment and Modelling of Antennas and Radio Channels Jointly SIBILLE Alain Ke Guan
CS36 Propagation Channels for Wide Sense Vehicle to X Communications Ke Guan Uwe-Carsten Fiebig
CS37 Real-Time Electromagnetic Inversion: Solutions and Trends cancelled
CS38 Trends and Advances in Machine Learning for Applied Electromagnetics Andrea Massa Sotirios Goudos Marco Salucci
CS39 Signal Processing Techniques for Advanced Electromagnetics Synthesis, Analysis and Measurements Andrea Massa Marco Donald Migliore Nicola Anselmi
CS40 Progress in the Application of Characteristic Mode Analysis Danie Ludick Werner Schroeder
CS41 Advanced Antenna Concepts for Nanosatellite Applications Maxime Romier Nacer E. Chahtat
CS42 Plasma Antennas Himdi Mohamed Olivier Pascal
CS43 Array Antenna Design Stefania Monni Christophe Craeye
CS44 Propagation Aspects in Remote Sensing Michael Schönhuber Merhala Thurai-Rajasingam
CS45 Recent Advances in Small Antennas Katarzyna Jagodzińska Eva Antonino Daviu
CS46 Theoretical, Algorithmic, and Experimental Advances in GPR Marco Salucci Lara Pajewski
CS47 ESA session: Selected Papers from the 39th ESA Workshop on Multibeam and Reconfigurable Antennas Giovanni Toso Peter de Maagt Piero Angeletti
CS48 Integration and New Applications of mm-Wave GAP Wave Technology Jian Yang Ahmed Kishk
CS49 Development of UWB Feed and PAF Technologies for Future Radio Telescopes Jian Yang Dirk de Villiers


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