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Call for Workshops

Thank you for submitting all the proposals for Workshops. The proposers will be notified on 5 November 2018.


We welcome the submission of proposals for workshops at EuCAP 2019. There are two types of workshops:

  • Scientific workshops are intended for exchanges within a well identified scientific community, or for practical or academic training on a specific domain requiring a set of experts (beyond the coverage of a short course). Proposer(s) must elaborate the session content with clear differentiating factors as compared to regular/convened sessions.
  • Industrial workshops have the objective to maximise industry involvement and exchanges with delegates from academia and research institutes.

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Proposals should be submitted before 28 September 2018 via e-mail to All proposals will be subject to review by the Scientific workshops Chairs. The acceptance notification is expected to be provided on 5 November 2018.

The workshop information (call for papers, programme/speakers etc.) will be provided on a dedicated page of the website and will be updated accordingly. Furthermore, the committee can freely provide presentations/papers or other digital content to be included in the EuCAP 2019 USB given to participants or freely downloadable from the website, subject to size limits. Organisers must be aware that workshop papers will not go on IEEE Xplore.

Scientific workshops

Scientific workshops will be organised by a specially nominated committee and will solicit presentations/papers/panels that will not undergo review by the EuCAP 2019 TPC. The Scientific workshop committee is responsible for invitation/dissemination/selection activities and sets its own procedures and deadlines.

Scientific workshops can be organised by a project consortium (e.g. FP7, H2020, COST etc.), bearing in mind that the content should sufficiently fit within the technical areas of EuCAP. There is the possibility of having the papers in these workshops published if they are also given as a poster. 

The duration of a scientific workshop is expected to be a half day (two time-slots of 100 minutes each), although full day workshops can be considered.

Please note that Scientific workshops can be scheduled at any time from Monday afternoon through to Friday afternoon. 

Industrial workshops

Industrial workshops will be organised by a company or a group of companies around presentations/papers/panels that will not undergo review by the EuCAP 2019 TPC. A synopsis of the workshop needs to be approved by EuCAP organising committee to ensure suitable content. The proposers are fully responsible for ensuring the quality of the workshop contents.

The duration of an industrial workshop slot is 100 minutes. The content should fit the technical areas of EuCAP.

Industrial workshops take place during the conference weekdays (Mon afternoon-Fri morning), and will be announced in the programme as open for all delegates. Please note that there is a cost of 2500 +VAT per 100 minute slot for organisers of such workshops. Overview of the workshop to be included in the programme book and published on the website.


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