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Towards virtual-drive testing: Test and measurement for automotive applications


Thomas Dallmann pursued his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the Institute of High Frequency Technology IHF, RWTH Aachen University. There he worked on polarimetric methods for radar cross-section imaging. Since 2016 he leads the Research Group Aachen of the Fraunhofer-Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR, Germany. His research is concerned with technologies and test systems for automotive radar.




Matthias A. Hein started his academic career at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, before he joined the TU Ilmenau in 2002. He has authored around 520 publications and 30 invited talks, and supervised nearly 40 doctoral, 80 Master and 20 Bachelor projects. He chaired renowned international conferences and is board member in IEEE and European Societies.  As spokesman of the Thuringian Center of Innovation in Mobility, his research focus is on automotive wireless sensor and communication systems and virtual test drives. His research has been attracting significant public and private funding since more than 10 years.




In the upcoming years, autonomous driving will become reality and, besides increasing driving comfort, should advance the safety of road users. This however comes with high requirements to the reliability of automotive radars and communication systems. Their proper operation can only be ensured by using suitable RF measurement equipment. The equipment should not be able to test specific functions only, but to check complete cause-effect relationships within and around the vehicle instead. Due to the current efforts of governments, research institutions and industry to turn the autonomous driving vision into reality, research on such test systems for automotive applications has become highly relevant. The goal of this workshop is to make the currently conducted research in this field available to an interested audience.



Dr.-Ing. Adrian Zlocki, fka mbH, Germany: “Challenges in safety assurance of perception for automated vehicles“

Christopher Walkowiak, ITK Engineering, Germany: “Validation and verification with raytracing and radar target simulators in closed loop test environments“

Prof. Dr. Michael Ernst Gadringer, TU Graz, Austria: “OTA Radar Stimulation for Vehicle Tests“

Matt Spexarth, National Instruments, United States: “Error budget estimation for RCS accuracy calibration in automotive radar OTA test environments“

Dr. Lars Foged, MVG, Italy: “Direct Emulation of Virtual Drive Scenarios by Post Processing of Automotive Measurements“

Devin Crawford, Ansys, United States: “Application of asymptotic methods for large-scale V2X and automotive radar simulation“

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Hein, TU Ilmenau, Germany: “Antenna and virtual-drive testing in the multi-purpose test facility VISTA“

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dallmann, Fraunhofer FHR, Germany: “ATRIUM - Handling traffic scenario complexity in radar target simulation“

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