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Dr. Dariusz Wiecek

Radiowave Propagation Analysis and Measurements for Wide Area Radio Networks Planning and Optimization

National Institute of Telecommunications, Wroclaw, Poland



Dr. Dariusz Więcek received his Ph. D. and M.Sc. degrees from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland in 2006 and 1992 respectively. He works at the National Institute of Telecommunications, Poland, as the Head of Spectrum Engineering and Management Group. Dr. Więcek coordinated tasks of various national and international research projects funded by national and international governmental institutions, as well as by industry. He participated in developemtn of the digital terrestrial television switchover strategy in Croatia and Poland. As the delegate of Poland he has over 20 years of experience in international boards nad committees focused on radio spectrum management and spectrum engineering coordination (International Telecommunication Union Study Groups, World Radiocommunication Conferences, European Conference of Post and Telecommunications CEPT, European Communication Commission, Regional Radiocommunication Conferences) and national levels. His research areas have concentrated on wireless networks, radio spectrum efficiency, radio propagation, networks planning and optimization, new radio technics (cognitive radio, etc.), heterogeneous networks, future networks delivery. He is author or co-author above 60 publications published at international and national journals, conferences and book chapters. Dr. Więcek participates as a member of various professional bodies and programs such as COST, Electromagnetic Compatibility Section at Polish Academy of Science and Polish Chamber of Digital Broadcasters.


Radiowave propagation analysis is a very important issue especially in cases of long distances connections – where many different propagation effects can have big influence on proper reception conditions and possibility of establishing planned services with required QoS. In the paper influence of effects coming from propagation modelling to the networks plans, international frequency coordination process and operators contracts obligations are discussed. Basis of propagation modelling cases used for wide area radio networks planning and optimization are presented showing also backgrounds of the modelling. Activities performed in the area of radiowave propagation measurements and their modelling performed within NIT radio spectrum research group is also presented. Discussion on background of the models issues and proper adaptation of them to some real scenario deployment are presented with propagation tools characterizations giving presented in some cases special networks planning effects. Results of propagation measurements campaign performed in Poland and example of incorporation and adaptation they into the models are described. Limitation of some actual popular propagation models as, e.g. ITU-R P.1546-5 used with very detailed (e.g. 1x1m) digital elevation data maps and validation of the propagation models in such conditions are also presented showing unrealistic coverage results with such very detailed analysis. Examples of some practical networks plans and their dependence on appropriate propagation models developed for different commercial operators cases were also discussed. Conclusions present current evolution and limitation of development software tools for the radiowave propagation analysis.

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